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Recorded in 2 hours in Jorden's basement on February 18th, 2016. More shit coming soon!


released February 20, 2016

Produced by Jake Shaw
Drums by Jorden Garberson
Guitar by Zach Curry
Bass and Vocals by Jake Shaw
all songs written by Jake
all songs performed by The Voice of God
Album art by Jorden



all rights reserved


The Voice Of God Dayton, Ohio

See you in the pit

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Track Name: Everyone is Gay and Stupid
I am a Christian and I will not listen

My life is dedicated to one opinion
All I seek is to be rewarded
My existence is blind, meaningless, and sordid

This country will remain the same

You are a Muslim and you are a terrorist
CNN said so, an opinion i cherish
No, I know nothing of Islamic faith
But get out of my country so I can feel safe

These people will remain the same
Track Name: Wasted
We hate the things we don't understand
We expect each other to have a plan
But I am feeling fucking exhausted
From all the times I fucking lost it

Every single day in every single way I feel wasted
Searching for all of the delicacies that I never tasted

I'd hate to think that I am not happy
Won't admit something has trapped me
Benevolence or evasiveness
Whatever it is it can't have me

I hate myself for being a leech
For not waking up beside the beach
It's simple but you can't decide
We're watching a movie where everyone dies!!!
Track Name: Glass Eye
Broke my glass eye, I can't see shit. I wanna quit
NO! Don't wanna be surrounded by these idiots

Broke and there's no way to fix it, it's permanent
And No! I don't feel the vibe, that's hippie shit, I don't buy it

I don't belong here!
I don't belong!!!
Track Name: Common Sense (Words Don't Have Rights)
You must feel ignored or very lonely
If you have something to prove then show me
The scene is drunk on a sour taste
Caused by false assumptions, its shitfaced

Ideas don't have rights
People have rights

Inside of this head something is being said
I'd show you but you're too busy seeing red
I offer my hand but it's smacked away
By the eggs that you parasites lay

Ideas don't have rights
People have rights
Words don't have rights
People have rights

I have the right to express myself, as do you.
So I'm cool with you hating myself and my parents too
Our lives were never supposed to be similar
I thought a punk knew that no one's were

Ideas don't have rights
People have rights
Words don't have rights
People have rights