Socially Unconscious

by The Voice Of God

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Recorded in May and June 2016 in Jorden's basement and Corey's closet.


released November 22, 2016

Produced by Jake Shaw and Corey Dixon

Drums by Jorden Garberson
Bass, Vocals, and Acoustic Guitar by Jake Shaw
Guitar and backing vox by Zach Curry

All words by Jake
All music by Jake except:
"I am Really Drunk" "Quit Your Job" "Crawl" by Zach
"Afraid" by Ryan Allen Ferguson and Jake
"Short Shorts" by Matt Aiple and Jake

Our parents who let us use their homes for this bullshit, Alli Real for making merch and taking care of Jake's drunk ass, Marissa Lord for transporting gear to so many shows, Shelby Matthews for transportation and being the best roadie around. Rakes End in Cincy and Club Panama in Springfield for always opening your doors to us, KLAN, Hammered With Jesus, Extreme Anal Discharge and JEFFTOPIA, TFU, The Bakers (RIP), Eviscerated Zombie Tampon, Shadow of the Mountain, The Abortion Twins and the whole FAP crew, Markky and the Prople, Mike Defendant, Misunderstood, No Brainer and our friends in Greenville, NC, Satan, PBR, Bacardi 151, Rolling Rock (30 pk) Marijuana, and most importantly you for actually reading this and supporting what we do. Thank you to the fans, bands, venues, and anyone/thing else that has supported us in anyway. THANK YOU!



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The Voice Of God Dayton, Ohio

See you in the pit

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Track Name: I Am Really Drunk
Blacked out in a hallway for everyone to see
Pants around my ankles, lying in my pee
But it's these poor decisions that we all live for
As pathetic as it is I couldn't ask for more

I am really drunk

Oh shit! That fucking moment when you've stepped into the zone
Your fingers wont move near as fast as you want them to go
You are ruining your songs and damaging your gear
But everyone, including you, is smiling ear to ear

Distasteful perfection is raining down on me
Illuminating everything as far as I can see
Territorial instinct now often comes into play
But I can't find a single better place to stay

I am really drunk!
Track Name: Untitled
Trying to prove a point is hard so excuse me if I fucking miss the mark
I'm pissed off about things I can't control
I'm pissed cause I'm a nihilistic asshole

You can't light a fire without a fuel
Can't reach the cookie jar without a stool
Progress is something you create!
You'll see it's worth the wait

Everyone will lose the things they love the most
They're all contributing to this parasitic host
Track Name: Fuck It All
"Fuck it all!" A chant heard 'round the world
Watch it fall! Show all the boys and girls
Preach what you saw! The revolution
"Fuck it all!" Final solution

Soon will come the day the red, white, and blue will fall
The krusties and the squatters will overtake the shopping malls
And the suburban punks will finally know what i means
And we will coexist in united Anarchy

Fuck It All

Every power hungry pig will be shot on site
For every single time one disregarded human rights
A ballot has been cast it was a unanimous decision
A public execution on national television

Fuck it all!
Track Name: Hopelessness
Everybody's taste in music sucks
The way that they process thoughts is fucked
I'm alone when everyone's around
This place brings me down

Can't give up, It's not my time
I want a place I can call mine

All I ever hear is shit
From a huge collective whiny bitch
A genocide of brownie points
I've got to get out of this joint
Track Name: Glass Eye
Broke my glass eye, I can’t see shit. I wanna quit
Why am I surrounded by all these idiots
Broke and there’s no way to fix it. It’s permanent
No, I don’t feel the vibe, that’s hippie shit. I don’t buy it

I don’t belong here!!

Broke my glass eye, I cant see shit, I wanna quit
I’d rather run a razor blade strait through my dick

I don’t belong here!!
Track Name: Short Shorts
I smell something awful
It's the scent of oppression
And I can't breathe
My nerves sent into recession
You did not ask permission
You assumed your position
Now expecting an apology
We seek no remission

I smell something foul
It smells so pretentious
But we will stay adamant
You cannot prevent this
These words will still exist
It does nothing to resist
Nothing is accomplished
The problem still persists

Expression has no boundaries
Who are you to say whats right?
Warning others of your own opinion
Because your wound up so tight
You did not ask permission
You assumed your position
Now expecting an apology
We seek no remission
Track Name: Afraid
Why am I afraid if you
What is it I think you will do
A mental block I cannot stop
Severed Achilles climbing to the top
I'm scared of my surroundings
Cause I don't have proper grounding
Floating freely pushed to the ceiling
Incompatibility leaves me wheezing

Fear Of Nothing!

Why am I afraid of you
What is it I think you will do
My mind is like a bag of rocks
I just feel like a box of cocks
Bloody to the point of drowning
Has-been permanently frowning
Someone be lonely with me
Someone lonely set me free

Fear Of Nothing
Track Name: Getting Away
I wanna live somewhere where the rent is free
Somewhere nice for people like me
Sick of rich college kids calling me "bro"
And the folk punk scene that can't take a joke

Shooting up to prove a point or maybe just to have a song to write
Addiction is synonymous with illustriousness

I don't give a fuck if they all rot away
Focusing on me an living my own way
I do not care if I succeed
Or if my "enlightenment" destroys me

I don't need to prove a point
I've got plenty of songs to write
You stay out of my life
You have no say in my life!
Track Name: Crash
Following blindly
Decisions made by me
My people will travel and stay right beside me

Until the when we crash
A glorious statement at last!

No room here for you
You are falsely accused
I'll rebuild you in my image as I complete circle two

And in the end when we crash
the memories will forever last
Decaying and rotten but not forgotten!!

I don't know what it is but someday It will be mine
Track Name: Wasted
We hate the things we don't understand
We expect each other to have a plan
But I am feeling fucking exhausted
From all the times I fucking lost it

Every single day in every single way I feel wasted
Searching for all of the delicacies that I never tasted

I'd hate to think that I am not happy
Won't admit something has trapped me
Benevolence or evasiveness
Whatever it is it can't have me

I hate myself for being a leech
For not waking up beside the beach
It's simple but you can't decide
We're watching a movie where everyone dies!!!
Track Name: Bottle It Up
Bottle it up! Keep your friends in the dark!
Don't let them find out how depressed you are
No one can comprehend; you're just going crazy
Stop inconveniencing them with your feelings

Apologize for apologizing then say sorry again
Try to soften a blow that doesn't even exist
I wish I had some blow, then maybe I'd forget
Just for an hour or two how my life is total shit

Bottle it up! Keep your friends in the dark!
Don't let them find out how depressed you are
No one can comprehend; you're just going crazy
Stop inconveniencing them with your feelings

This is the life that I've made for myself
And for that reason alone I don't deserve help
My "problems" are man made and I am to blame
For the chemical imbalances in my brain

Bottle It Up!
Track Name: Think For Yourself
Silencing youthful expression
Tradition interferes with progression
Now unrelenting depression follows being yourself

Counting people like they count sheep
Monopolization of the weak
No fucking effect on their sleep
The corporate state creating zombies!

Think for yourself

You can turn off the tv
You can choose what to believe
You should question all you know
‘Cause complacency is getting old
Track Name: Quit Your Job
All my thoughts are preconceived by people who hate me
So what's the point in trying when all you think about is dying?
Puking from the food you cook and stumbling from the pills you took
Your brain is cotton candy but hey you're fucking dandy!

Quit Your Job
Take control
Kill yourself

Questioning the government really screws my temperament
I have no intelligence I just know something's wrong
Horseshit flying everywhere, I hide but not be cause I'm scared
I don't care that something's wrong, I just want this feeling Gone!/'
Track Name: Crawl
I don’t see the point in calling out others and filling them with self-doubt
We don’t need new rules and regulations or an angry twenty-something’s excuse to preach the nation

Label me whatever you like. Hit me if you wanna fucking fight
You hypocrite you piece of shit!!!
NO matter what we will resist!

So get on your knees and crawl
If you feel that you must hide
But i think you should stand tall
And be your own guide